Date: Sun, 1 Oct 1995 08:54:58 -0400 From: John J Staczek Subject: Re: stove/range >From Toledo, Ohio in the 40s and 50s, it was stove as in 'Dinner's on the stove' along with 'Dinner's in the oven, but not ever with 'range' as a collocation. I've a further question, what do we see as the distribution of 'ice box'? I grew up with that in Toledo and notice that I use it more often than the other usual suspects of 'fridge, refrigerator, reefer, frigidaire. ********************************************************************** John J Staczek * Phone: 202.687.5741 Dept of Linguistics * Fax: 301.469.9196 Georgetown University * Internet: camjon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Washington DC 20057 * Home: 301.469.9196 **********************************************************************