Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 09:48:48 -0400 From: GURT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GUVAX.BITNET Subject: GURT 1995 - corrections GURT - Corrections/additions to preliminary announcement: Please note the following corrections to the GURT 1995 program: 1) Pre-Conference session Discourse and Agency: The contact numbers for Dr. Patrician E. O'Connor were listed incorrectly. THE CORRECT NUMBERS are tel: (202) 687-7622 fax: (202) 687-5445 2) The title for Dr. Jeff Connor-Linton's workshop has been revised to: "Criterion-Referenced Curriculum and Test Development for Language Teachers and Administrators." Also, since many of you have inquired -- for the past several years, there has been no call for papers for the GURT conference. Instead, speakers have been invited by the Chair. There may be changes to this policy for conferences beyond 1995, though this is uncertain. My best advice at this point is therefore to stay in touch with GURT staff. Carolyn Straehle Coordinator, GURT 1995