Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 21:00:46 HOE From: Alberto RIO Subject: The word 'damn' Recently I saw a cartoon in the International Herald Tribune about Cubans refugees and Mr. Clinton which, when translated in Spain ('El Pais' newspaper, center-left), changed the word 'damn' to a Spanish 'equivalent', a hard word meaning 'solid waste from the bowels'. Could you tell me whether 'damn' ('dammned', I guess) is a taboo word and in what degree? In our dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc., it doesn't appears as such. Perhaps in Mr. Clinton native Arkansas ... Thank you in advance. Yours, Alberto RIO Fax.: +34 1 397-8599 Servicio de Cartografia, modulo de Geografia Phone: +34 1 397-3894 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid e-mail: Campus de Cantoblanco riogaral[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] E-28049 Madrid, Spain riogaral at emduam11