Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 12:45:54 -0400 From: PPATRICK[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GUVAX.BITNET Subject: Re: The Southland David Johns writes about how upsetting it is to be called a Yankee as if he were something between an alien and an enemy, down there in Waycross Ga. Not to be unsympathetic, Dave, but you ARE an alien: someone who comes from somewhere else, quite different. That's just a fact. It's a little odd that people actually ask "Are you a Yankee?", cause it should be pretty obvious from people's speech whether they are or not. Also it's a little odd that feeling unwelcome makes you think that people are treating you as socially inferior in status. I think that's confusing two things. Not everyone who's made to feel unwelcome can claim they're being "put down" in social-class terms; sometimes people who represent a dominating, overwhelmingly prejudiced group with a fine sense of its own superiority are unwelcome, too. Not that I'm attributing such attitudes to you (seriously). But there's plenty of evidence for anti-Southern prejudice, including practically every college campus I've visited outside the South, so it's hard to see that calling you a Yankee is going overboard with hostility. Besides, there ARE good Yankees! and no doubt you're one... One indication of that might be a historical sense of guilt over the historical mistreatment of Southerners, black and white, and a truly sensitive person might well feel uncomfortable at having that feeling constantly evoked. (There are also good halfbreeds, like me: Michigan father, Georgia mother, who accused him and "his people" of stealing the silverware up to a few years ago, when she got really angry...) For what it's worth, there are worse things to be called! --peter lumpkin patrick