Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 12:44:28 -0400 From: Allan Denchfield Subject: Re: buggy vs. cart As one who bagged groceries for Coral Gables shoppers back in the early sixties, I recall 'cart', 'carriage', 'basket' and 'wagon' all sometimes following 'shopping-'. When the little baby seat was installed to these contraptions it was easy to call it a 'carriage' (as in 'baby carriage'). The managers often called them 'carts', though the customers called them 'baskets'. There are, of course, both the hand-held and the rolling variety of shopping baskets. -AOBD (who transported bags, bundles, satchels, goods, groceries, purchases, and shoppings to customers' autos - celebrating all the while the inherent dignity of manual work)