Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 08:43:32 EDT From: DONNIE J GRAYSON Subject: buggy vs. cart For over two and a half years combined I worked at two grocery stores, and observed customers intering the store and finding an instrument to push around the store to put foodstuffs in for purchase. The customers not only used either "cart" or "buggy" for this shopping basket on wheels, but also the employees of each store used only one of these terms by itself. For example, in the first grocery store, this was a "cart" and only a "cart." But, in the second grocery store, the word "buggy" was exclusively used. These two grocery stores were seperated by only ten miles, but each had differnt terminology for the same instrument. I want to know whether "cart" or "buggy" are predominately southern, northern, or used interchangeably everywhere?