Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 16:12:17 EDT From: BRENT D HUTCHINSON Subject: Re: Larry Davis: a gentleman and scholar of the old school > > On John Baugh's query re equivalents to the "'hood" use of H[ome] T[raining]-- > > > In the African American community, saying that someone had good "HT" or > worse, that someone "ain't got no HT" is a way of distinguishing those > who are considerate of others, and those who simply lack such training. > Are there comparable expressions in the white community (in the U.S. or > elsewhere?) > > --sounds similar to the French "bien elev'e(e)". I don't know any colloquial > English equivalent in the white community. > > Larry > Here in Appalachia, the term "raised right" is quite prevalent and is used to mean the same thing for whites. I guess that the negative equivalent would be "not raised right"?! Brent Hutchinson & Diane Gardner Morehead State University Morehead, KY