Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 13:34:48 -0400 From: Tom McClive Subject: Re: Is "conservative" a slander word? On Tue, 25 Oct 1994, Bethany Dumas, UTK wrote: > In response to my post about the use of "that word" in KNoxville, Roger > Vanderveen asked whether I use it [the word "conservative"] "in general > to slander conservatives." ?!? I find it astonishing that one might be > taken to be "slandering" conservatives by calling them conservatives. Can > one slander someone by calling by the label that rightfully belongs to > them? Or has the word "conservative" become non-PC without my noticing that > that has happened? I am reminded of the 1988 American presidental campaign, when the George Bush team tried, and succeed, to turn "liberal" into a tabboo word. Micheal Dukakis was compelled to avoid its use and its label; in fact it was a major news story the day that Dukakis finally decided to adopt it and call himself a liberal. His attemps to detabboo it failed; it is of course still being used now in this election season to bash the democrats. To address an earlier post, I do believe that a single word can become a euphonism. Once people agree on a context, almost any word or phrase will do I remember a company I worked for that used the word "opportunity" instead of the word "problem". This eventually carried over to all forms of conversation and the word "opportunity" expanded and became a joke. Tom McClive University of North Carolina tommcc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]