Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 16:41:00 -0700 From: Peter McGraw Subject: Re: offending idioms On Mon, 17 Oct 1994, Roger Vanderveen wrote: > From: Judy Kuster > > YOu are the second to ask - maybe I'm wrong, or the person who presented > the workshop on cultural sensitivity I attended recently, was wrong. I > asked a female colleague and she said it is offensive and vulgar to her, > too - it has sex for money connotations it her mind, mine, too. How > do I find out the actual entomology? > > It owuld be nice tohave some of the context included so we could figure out > what you're talking about. > > Entomology? Better check your dictionary for that word before you include it > in your paper. > > > =============================================================================== > Roger Vanderveen Intel Corporation > Hillsboro, OR > =============================================================================== > This use of "entomology" is obviously one of those offensive idioms! Peter McGraw Linfield College