Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 22:09:09 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: Distribution of positive "anymore" Well, I TRIED to send my reply to Karen's message directly to her at the above address, but my mailer told me that LUST was an unknown node, suggesting such sublimations as 'CUSB', 'HUSC', 'MUSC', and 'TUSK'. Talk about safe sex... Anyway, what I was going to say to her and will perforce announce to one and all is that a propos of intransitive (or adverbial) 'with', Safire's "On Language" column yesterday in the New York Times Magazine (p. 20) presented this as a trend sweeping the nation. He speculates a bit about possible Germanic sources, citing our own John Algeo ("the neo-linguistic observer for American Speech") and then suggesting that we view object-less 'with' as an insance of "what the great Danish grammarian Otto Jesperson called 'drift'". I thought it was JespersEn. And in fact, I REALLY thought it was Sapir. Of course, it's all the same to them anymore; after all, you can't take it with. --Larry