Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 09:08:41 -0500 From: Shannon M Walbran Subject: Re: Q: Mllions of Cats The question was re: Wanda Gag's accent mark on her last name. As it happens, this weekend was Oktoberfest in the extremely Germanic small town of New Ulm, Minnesota, known for (at least) two things: excellent family-owned brewery which produces Schell's beer (my recommendation would be Schmaltz's Alt, very dark) and the birthplace of Wanda Gag, author of _Millions of Cats_. I would like to hazard that the Gag family is Bohemian German, as were many of the settlers of New Ulm. I would also like to add that her father, Anton, was an artistic type whose primary patron was August Schell (brewery founder 2d generation -- they are now in their 5th generation). Apparently August supported Anton through some tough times; when Anton died an untimely and not wealthy death, his final words were "Now Wanda will finish what I have started." Good book, good beer, and a kick of an Oktoberfest. What more could you want? Shannon Walbran Hamline University St. Paul, Minnesota