Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 23:50:14 CST From: "Krahn, Al" Subject: Overweening expressions Sometime in the late 40s I saw a sign behind a shoeshine stand in Stroudsburg PA that read something like this: Pedal habiliments aritistically lubricated and illuminated with ambidextrous facility for the infinitesimal remuneration of 25 cents. Below it was another sign: 10 cents ain't my price no more. My back is aching and my knees are sore. 15 cents is now my price. Gimme two bits and I'll do it twice. Shine, boy, shine. AKRA Albert E. Krahn E-Mail AKRA[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSIC.LIB.MATC.EDU Division of Lib. Arts and Sciences Fax 414/297-7990 Milwaukee Area Technical College Ph (H) 414/476-4025 Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443 Ph (W) 414/297-6519