Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 23:42:39 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Distribution of positive "anymore" It's a lot broader than Pennsylvania and Ohio. There was quite a lively dis- cussion with many citations in the journal...yup, American Speech, although before most of us were members of the Society, back in the 20's and 30's. My impression is that it stretches almost coast-to-coast, rare in New England, but attested as far west as California (by immigrants from the Midwest?), and is more prevalent in rural than urban settings (e.g. Chicago vs. downstate Illinois). And then there's that citation I mentioned from "Women in Love", which makes one wonder whether it's found elsewhere in the motherland. "Needs washed", on the other hand, is I think largely (though someone will be sure to correct me) confined to Western Pennsylvania and adjacent regions. Larry