Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 06:12:00 EDT From: "David A. Johns" Subject: Offensive terms # Since it was used a while back in this discussion, let me # register my offense at "The War of Northern Aggression,:" y'all. # # David Bergdahl Ohio University/Athens OH A few years ago, while exploring back roads along the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi in southwestern Wisconsin, I found a cemetery with graves going back to the mid-19th century. Near the back were a few headstones dated 1861, with inscriptions indicating that the young men buried there had died in the "Infamous Southern Rebellion". So there. "Yankee", by the way, is definitely a negative term in Waycross, GA, where I'm living now -- I've even seen bumper stickers saying "I had [!] rather be dead than be a Yankee." But natives have no qualms about using it openly; in fact, I hear "Are you a Yankee?" several times a week, not to mention constant references to Yankees "coming down here and telling us how to live our lives". I don't know what this says about Southern manners. David Johns Waycross College Waycross, GA