Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 22:39:27 -0500 From: Nancy Harwood Subject: Re: names question When my father was born, in March, 1913, my grandfather named him Woodrow Wilson Davis, and that is the name that went on his birth certificate. He apparently had not consulted my grandmother about this, and she was *not* happy...said she did not intend to have any child of hers named Woodrow Wilson...they compromised and gave Daddy his paternal grandmother's maiden name for a middle he was Woodrow Grayson Davis instead of Woodrow Wilson. Incidentally, he stopped using Woodrow before he was out of grade school, switched the order of the names, and went by Grayson for the rest of his life. -----Nancy Harwood----------------------------------------------------------- harwood[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] News is *not* more important than breakfast. But e-mail might be. --Mic Kaczmarczik