Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 00:35:32 -0700 From: "CAVEMAN -- San Bernardino, Calif. USA" Subject: Re: offending idiot I'm they guy who sent the Boulder Dam story along with a few comments of my own regarding "offending idioms." Since that posting, which I sent on 18 October, I have received numerous replies. At last tally, the vote was roughly 3 to 2 in favor of me being an *OFFENDING IDIOT* (my words). Salikoko S. Mufwene of the University of Chicago, Department of Linguistics said: > . . . > when you don't even realize when you > might offend or hurt others? Let the rest of us tell you what we think of > your remarks. > . . . He is correct; my comments might (did) offend others. And, yes, the rest of you told me what you thought of my remarks. (Not all was negative, however, some agreed with me.) I OFFER MY HUMBLEST APOLOGY TO ALL WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN OFFENDED -- THOSE WHO WROTE ME AND THOSE WHO DID NOT. The point I was trying to make (obviously not very well) was that I think the "offending idioms" are stupid. (The people that use the racial, etc. slurs, *NOT* the people who responded to me or to the original request.) For to those of you who asked, my vital statistics are: Married Heterosexual Male Myself: White (?) European and Cherokee Indian descent (the name Coker was a Moorish name around 800 A.D., appeared in England around 1200 A.D.) Wife: Mexican descent (possibly some French way back) Child 1: 18 years, adopted (wife's previous marriage), half-Mexican, half-Black Child 2: 17 years, adopted (wpm, as above), half-Mexican, half-Black Child 3: 14 years, twin, White, Indian, Mexican Child 4: 14 years, twin, White, Indian, Mexican Child 5: 11 years, White, Indian, Mexican Child 6: 10 months (oops!), White, Indian, Mexican Child 7: 3 years, granddaughter, White, Black, Oriental, Indian, Mexican, (that I know of anyway -- I don't know the father's history) In summary, no, I am *NOT* racist, as I said before. Yes, I do realize my remarks might have offended somebody. No, that was not my intention -- I apologize to those offended. Chuck Coker CJCoker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPomona.Edu By the way, does anybody know what box my granddaughter should check on forms that ask about race? Personally, I consider myself _Homo sapiens sapiens_, along with all others on this list (and elsewhere, too). P.S. #2: I just realized that I SET PERSONAL_NAME to Caveman a while back and never changed it. When considering my remarks, consider the source -- a guy nicknamed "Caveman." =============================================================================== There have been no dragons in my life, only small spiders and stepping in gum. I could have coped with the dragons. Anonymous (but wise) ===============================================================================