Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 13:04:47 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: offending idioms I recall that folklorist Archie Green, in a paper on Labor Lingo, reported the terms Irish buggy and African diesel were being used on construction sites to refer to a wheelbarrow. William Safire, in a column from August 1980, discussed occupational slurs. I think he used the term occuslurs. Re: "more bang for the buck" If anyone is interested I can provide information from the Peter Tamony collection that relates to the sexual connotations of the term bang and as it relates to drug usage. Tamony collected info from the works of Eric Partridge, David Mauer and others for bang as a sexual term. He also found examples from the writings of James Baldwin, Jack Kerouac and others. Randy Roberts University of Missouri-Columbia robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]