Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994 15:38:57 -0500 From: Alan R Slotkin Subject: Re: Positive "don't care to" My first year in Cookeville, I started to have a house built using a carpenter rather than a contractor. He simply told me who to contact when he was ready for that aspect of work. When it came time to have someone build the fireplace, I contacted the person he suggested, who, after getting my name and the name of my carpenter, said that he didn't care to. So, I, new to the area and this wonderful loqution, asked another mason. Needless to say, both were thrilled when they showed up on the appointed day. Maybe Chattanooga is outside the area of positive "don't care to." I know it's alive and well through most of upper middle Tennessee. Alan Slotkin ars7950[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]