Date: Fri, 7 Oct 1994 09:56:10 EDT From: Bruce Southard Subject: -"had" Constructions One of my colleagues asked me about the function of "stolen" in the following phrase: "She had her purse stolen last night." I analyzed the function as that of objective complement, but then started thinking about similar constructions: 1. I had my house painted last year. 2. The secret police had the politician jailed until last week. It seems to me that these sentences differ in terms of causality or "agent" relationships, but I'm unable to pinpoint the reason for the differences in meaning/relationships. Does anyone have an explanation? Bruce Southard English Department East Carolina University ensoutha[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ecuvm1 ensoutha[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 919-757-6041 919-757-4889 (FAX)