Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 15:18:26 EST

From: Billy Hamilton wjhami01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOREHEAD-ST.EDU

Subject: flying f.

I saw where someone mentioned the use of the term "flying fuck," as in "I

don't give a flying fuck." It is interesting that this came up, because

my best friend uses this expression all the time. I have always wondered

where she came up with it - she is the only person I have ever heard use

it. So what are it's origins?

Branching off of the discussion of derogatory terms, what

about the term "indian giver?" This is a phrase I still hear at times

today, and it angers me every time someone says it. I am a Cherokee and

that is just as offensive to me as "nigger" would be to an

African-American. This perpetuates a negative stereotype of people of my

race. However, people do not really seem to care all that much when

they insult Native Americans. I see this as evidence that negative

feelings concerning this group still exist in some form. Throughout the

history of the U.S., Native Americans have been viewed as a "lesser form"

of human. They have been widely mistreated. But, unlike the cases with

other forms of racial discrimination, no one seems to care about this

problem except the people hurt by the attitudes. The lack of concern over

phrases such as "indian giver" is just an extension of the "abuse them and

then ignore them" attitude that many Americans have always had about

Native Americans.

Billy Hamilton