Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:59:54 -0500


Subject: The "N" Word

What everyone seems to be overlooking in the discussion over the "N" word

is that it IS a word. Its place on a page in any dictionary does not

make it any more acceptable or unacceptable as a part of our everyday

language arsenal. Rude, crude, socially it what you

will....but it IS a word and thus it should be in our dictionary. EVERY

meaning should be listed just like every meaning for every other word

should be listed as well. I am not saying that it has been fairly

represented with the definitions it currently possesses - THAT should

perhaps be what is striven for in all this debate, to include an ACCURATE

description as to what the word really means and as to the actual usage

of the word in contemporary English. The word has been around for a long

time. Its usage has evolved just as the usage of every other word in our

language has evolved. To show the real picture of the matter at hand, to

show the beginning of the word (and perhaps even an end if all goes

well), is the only correct and socially acceptable thing to do.



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