Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:24:35 -0600

From: Brian James Callarman bjc0007[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]JOVE.ACS.UNT.EDU

Subject: Confederate flag, etc., etc.

I understand that the Confederate flag is not a cultural symbol that

everyone wants to identify themselves with. My question, however, is

this: don't you think that maybe it's a little harsh to call the inclusion

of a flag "tyranny". Surely that is strong language for simply flying a

flag as a cultural symbol. Here is a little axiom about "political

correctness" (and I'm not intending to point any fingures); when taken to

an extreme it can be used as something of a cultural sterilization agent.

Now, I'm all for cultural diversity and it seems that United States

culture is very diverse and becoming more so by the minute, but it is

important to realize, within reason, that every culture is inherantly

going to have aspects that are offensive to other cultures. It is just

impractical and, I would even go so far as to say, impossible to have a

completely offense-free society.

If you really want something to get upset about, and this is one thing

that I am very surprised that no one has jumped on in recent years with

huge "political correctness" and culturaly diversity push. How about the

professional baseball team called the Atlanta Braves or, far worse than

that, the Washington Redskins. I understand that this is a touchy

subject, but I just have to set forth this scenario: Wouldn't that be

about like having a team called the "Georgia Niggers" (I mean absolutly no

offense by this to ANYONE. I'm using this completely hypothetically to

the end of making a point, so, if I have offended anyone, I apologize in


Brian Callarman