Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:23:33 -0600

From: Brian James Callarman bjc0007[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]JOVE.ACS.UNT.EDU

Subject: Neck hue.

I suppose that the term "red neck" carries a different conotation to the people

of different regions. Personally, when I read the message about the high school

sophomores who made the T-shirts in question, racial discrimination was about the

last thing that crossed my mind. I grew up in a very rural part of Central Texas

and "red neck" has always been a part of my personal lexicon, but it has never

really meant anything more than someone who was a farmer-type. It carries about

the same meaning as "ploy-boy" or "country-boy". Maybe there is a little bit of

humor associated with the term "red-neck" in my dialect. At any rate, I was

interested in asking the high school teacher who wrote the second message on

this subject(unfortunately I already deleted it), the one who was strongly

opposed to the message of the T-shirts: Where are you from and what kind of

conotation does "red neck" carry in your dialect?

Brian Callarman