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Subject: Re: thank you . . . thank you

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I agree that society does not take the time to be polite or

courteous anymore. Today, everyone is in such a hurry to get everything

done, that they overlook the people around them. No one is polite

anymore. There are no more 'excuse me's or 'you're welcome's. It's a

rare occurence to have a gentleman open the door for a lady anymore and

when he does the lady no longer says 'thank you'. People no longer care

about common courtesy or improving a stranger's day with a kind smile. A

few nice words here and there can make a huge difference in someone's

day, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore. Any opinions on this are

welcome. I would love to hear what everyone thinks about the lack of

formality in society today.

Melissa S. Smith


Complete generalization. I open doors for "ladies" all the time. And some of

them thank me, and some of them don't. I meet brusque, controlling,

completely uncivil women, and brusque, controlling, completely uncivil men. I

also meet plenty of the opposite. One's own attitude is often the key factor

in the response one gets.

This age is eclectic. You can find every sort of formality, every sort of

informality... some disingenuous, some sincere....

As one says in the hood... "it's all good."