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Subject: Ask your help

I am a new subscriber to your system. I am Japanese translator.

I want to know the meaning of a word. I will write down the

context of the book (The Railway

Children:by the British author E.Nesbit: 1906)

"You mustn't take no notice of my Bill,( a bargee)"

said the woman; "'is bark's worse'n 'is bite. Some of the kids

down Farley way is fair terrors. It was them put 'is back up

calling out about who ate the puppy pie under Marlow bridge."

-----------------"----somehow, and I don't know the why nor the

wherefore of it, them words is p'ison to a barge-master. Don't

you take no notice. ----"

* Please help me why the bargee was angry hearing the kid's

words. I do not know what is Puppy Pie. Is it something

insulting the bargee? This book is British and in 1906, but you

may know it.