FIRST MONDAY IN OCTOBER (What else could follow "backbone"?)

This phrase--from the Constitution--signals the start of the United

States Supreme Court's session. I had planned to be there to file a "friend

of the court" brief on the Ellis Island case. I queried the American Name

Society last year and turned up wonderful stuff.

I won't be there!

Long sad story, but here goes--

Two months ago, I again told my employers (Mayor Giuliani's office and

the Dept. of Finance's Inspector General) how, in 1993, many newspapers had

suggested that someone run for the useless, superfluous position of Public

Advocate and return the money to the city. I had read that and filed for a

Conflicts of Interest Board advisory opinion, and was told months later that

I'd be ignored. I then filed a complaint with the Dept. of

Investigation--and finally received an "advisory opinion" after the election!

This was a violation of the city charter! It wasn't until earlier this year

that I learned that the DOI had closed my case without telling me, and had

taken no action.

I also told my employers (again--Mayor Giuliani's office and Dept. of

Finance) that I've had my father die this year, and then my mother die this

year, and how all this was about the incredible, five-year humiliation I've

suffered for solving "the Big Apple," and doing a single good deed, and how I

would appreciate, after all these years, if not justice on the charter

violation, then at least the slightest kindness of a reply.

My employers never replied.

My job, by the way, is to give justice to people with parking tickets.

So it's the "First Monday in October," and I'm not there!!

Back to etymology. How about those Yankees?