P.O.T.U.S or P.U.S.?

In "Word Improvisation" on page 120 of the October 1997 ATLANTIC

MONTHLY, J. E. Lighter writes about "Taking Notice of POTUS."

POTUS=President Of The United States, a term that started with Franklin D.

Roosevelt. There is also FLOTUS=First Lady Of The United States.

The cartoon shows Bill Clinton getting a POTUS tattoo on his chest.

Wait! Isn't Bill Clinton a PUS?

PUS (President of the United States) can be found on page 3, column 3 of

The Enquirer (Richmond, VA), 1 December 1814.

This is from the Enquirer, 28 January 1815, pg. 3, col. 5:

We presume that the State Executive will not proceed to the appointment

of the Field or other Officers under the late Law, until they have heard from

the P.U.S.

But why not try something completely different? Make up a new

Gerrymander! I like POTUSOA (President Of The United States Of America).

Like a PROTOZOA, it swims around on the issues! Why not?