Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 14:42:50 -0500


Subject: ReŇ2■: Natalie, how 'bout this idea?

This is an excellent idea, Wayne, but don't hold your breath waiting

for me to do it. I haven't figured out

how to make my own web page yet. Anybody else?

Could it be that the possibility of getting a grant for further

development on our site might motivate someone to take it over

while Natalie is gone? Bringing in grant money goes a long way

toward tenure these days.


Basically what we are doing here is having English faculty collaborate with

someone in computer science. We're going to ask for money for a server

devoted to an O'Connor project and for release time for the participants.

Projects recently funded by the NEH include a site for the teaching of

classical studies.

If we weren't sitting on an O'Connor goldmine, I'd be fast at work on this

language project. I cannot tell you how much I could use a site like this

and a basic picture encyclopedia every time I teach class.


P.S. I just ordered your book. It looked good in the advertisement. I

also used your name in vain yesterday at a department meeting when I said

that we ought not hire any more lit professors; we should make the new

positions teach film, English language, and folklore. Since I had just

read your book ad, I used you as an example of a linguist who could teach

courses in things like Southern American--classes sure to make in this town

left intact by Sherman.

Wayne Glowka

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Georgia College & State University

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