OED has 1920 from George Ade's HAND-MADE FABLES. Ade was from Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune had an editorial page column called "A Line O' Type

Or Two" by "B.L.T." (Burton L. Thayer). From 24 February 1917, pg. 6, col.


Pres. Wimp, Meet Mr. Skidmore.

Sir: If the Line is equipped with chains, please record the nomination of

"Hefty" Skidmore, of Denver, tire salesman. L. R. B.

From 6 March 1917, pg. 6, col. 3:

MR. OBE GOODE of St. Augustine, Fla., desires it known that he has

answered the Academy roll call. Pres. Wimp will forward the new brother's


From 24 August 1917, pg. 6, col. 3:


Sir: Kindly inform Dean Wimp that Miss Waiva Finger of Brandon, Wis., has

been nominated as angel to the signal corps of the Academy. R. 106.

(I'll probably find many more--ed.)