Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 09:51:43 EST


Subject: Oprah video

I few days ago I sent out a message asking for help in obtaining videos

of the 1987 Oprah show on AAVE and SE as well as a 1992 Sonya Live show

on AAVE and Orr's book _Twice as Less_. So far, no one has even

indicated they've heard of the latter. However, a couple of people have

e-mailed me off list about the Oprah episode. They have their own

copies of the Oprah episode and are willing to make copies of it. That

willingness to make copies was an offer to me. Since then, 3 people have

also asked about getting copies. I've mailed them the e-mail addresses

of the people who have the video, but I thought I should send out this

message in case there were others who wanted the video. I don't know

what making multiple copies will do to the quality of the video. Both

people have expressed some concern about the demand for the video as

well as the possible problems that could result from having and/or

sharing a"bootlegged" copy. If anyone else is interested in getting

the Oprah video, send your message to ADS-L and let those that have a

copy of the tape contact you if they choose--which is how it usually

goes anyway. So, we're all no worse or better off than before.


Sonja L. Lanehart

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