Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 08:47:52 CST

From: Ellen Johnson Ellen.Johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]INETGW.WKU.EDU

Subject: lowery, grass strip, etc

LAMSAS received quite a few responses of Lowery, as I recall. I was

hoping to find its file "clouding up" among the databases on the

map-generating web page at but it doesn't

seem to be there yet. Ck the LANE also, but I'm sure your teacher

has suggested that.

By the way, you may not realize that Audrey Duckert is well-known

among dialectologists. In fact, her name and that of Virginia

McDavid are about the only women whose work I am familiar with from

that generation. The "rogues gallery" in the LAMSAS office is too

full of old white men (who well deserve to be there, don't get me

wrong; I have a couple on my office wall). Speaking of which, if

anyone has a photo of Guy Lowman, who would be old if he were alive,

I'd love to have a copy.

I have no word for the strip of grass beside the sidewalk. There

weren't many sidewalks in the suburbs of Atlanta where I grew up in

the 60s and 70s, and those that did exist were flush with the street.

I think the LAGS urban supplement asked that question, besides DARE.

ellen.johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]