Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 07:50:05 CST

From: Ellen Johnson Ellen.Johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]INETGW.WKU.EDU

Subject: ReŇ2■: text query

Peter and others might be interested to know that a second edition

of the Wolfram and Christian book "Dialects and Education" is in

the works and will come out through Columbia Teacher's Press. It

is at a perfect level for the elementary ed majors I teach.

I taught a course called "the American Lg" last year and put

together my own reader including a range of materials from classics

like Mencken and Marckwardt and McDavid to modern variationist

studies to one

of Crawford's books on bilingual education. Started with Colonial

English, moved on to History of BVe and Southern Eng (the course

was at the Univ of Memphis)then to a couple of articles from Tim

Frazer's excellent collection on prestige and Yankee cultural

imperialism and ended with the dialect and education and biling

ed material.

It was a lot of fun. If anyone wants specific references, you can

write to me- ellen.johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]