Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is in a tv sitcom called ELLEN, and her

character is rumored to be a lesbian. DeGeneres also starred in a recent

movie called MR. WRONG.

If she's still looking for Mr. Right, she need look no further than

right here. I did "G. O. P." a few days ago--I've gotta be Mr. "Right"!

"Mr. Right" has two lives--one in 1840 and one in the 1940s-1950s. The

second life is too far apart from the first one to be connected. I consider

the more recent Mr. Right to be part of Mr. Coffee, Mr. Donut, Miss Perfect,

etc. I found an essay on "Mr. Right" in the Harvard Lampoon of 1952.

The first "Mr. Right," however, should still be noted for historical

purposes. It can be found in THE CYCLOPAEDIA OF BRITISH SONG, VOL. II

(1840), pp. 30-32:



Mr. Right! Mr. Right!

O sweet Mr. Right!

The girls find they're wrong when they find Mr. Right.

There's some love the young and the young love the old,

There's some love for love, and some love for gold.

Many pretty young girls get hold of a fright,

And all their excuse is--I've found Mr. Right.