Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:17:17 EDT


Subject: Oprah and Sonya Live videos on AAVE

I've been trying for a while to purchase copies of an Oprah episode and

a Sonya Live episode in which AAVE was the topic of interest for various

reasons. I saw the Oprah episode when it first appeared and have seen

it since several times. I have never seen the Sonya Live episode. I

only found out about it when I had one of my grad R.A.s doing some

database searches for me.

The Oprah episode I'm interested in purchasing is, rooughly titled,

"Standard English and the So-Called Black English." It aired

November 1987.

The Sonya Live episode (a show that was replaced with Talkback Live),

from what I have gathered so far, was about Eleanor Wilson Orr's book

_Twice As Less_. Orr and Geneva Smitherman were 2 (if not all) of the

guests. It is Program #46 and aired 5 May 1992.

If there is anyone who might know of other ways I can purchase this

tape I would be most grateful. I didn't realize either would be so

difficult to obtain. I have anxious students who want to see both

videos (I'm teaching a separate grad and undergrad course entitled

"Language Use in the African American Community") before classes end

at the end of November. If you have any helpful information, please

e-mail me at: lanehart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]


Sonja L. Lanehart

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