Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 00:09:54 -0400


Subject: Re: Archiving Question

If I understand correctly (but I haven't been looking lately), daily logs

are archived at Mississipi State. If I am wrong, perhaps the rest of my

argument is moot.

Given that archives are available, what are the benefits of using this

new service? Easy access to what we discuss? Is that important?

The more important question is, what is in it for this company to archive

the ADS-L emissives at no charge to us? Something free is not usually

all that free.

I have not looked at this service, but I understand that they are in

business to make a profit. I have visited web pages that have

advertising marquees (sp). If the ADS-L material is placed on such

pages, the list will lose all control of the context in which the

information is viewed. Who knows what will be advertised along with our

discussions of the social/spatial distribution of the popa/soda variable

(And by the by, I am driving myself crazy, and perhaps people where I

live because for some reason I am now using soda and sack much more

frequently than pop and bag, when I have always been a good pop/bag man

which is also appropriate to where I live. GO figure. Wait. THis may

be the twaddle that I am ashamed to let the world see.). I can see now a

Pepsi can scrolling across the top of the page as someone retrieves this

very message.

My point is this: allowing the ADS logs to be placed into a commercial

server will result in a loss of control of what happens to the material

and these people will be able to use OUR words for their profit goals.

And as I believe in the ephemerality of the electronic world, forever

re-configured anew, I see no benefit to ADS-L in this request.


Virtually, Terry


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