Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 08:32:16 -0500


Subject: Re: Student Q: pop/soda/coke/cola

Southeastern Wisconsin is "soda" country. Occasionaly, "soda pop" or "soda

water". Growing up in the 50's, I can't remember hearing pop at all.

Of course here in Milwaukee we use the terms "bubbler" for drinking

fountain. It's one way you can spot a native Milwaukeean.

Lou Maris

At 12:41 AM 10/19/96 +1608,.

Donald M. Lance wrote:

I understand

there's a soda/pop isogloss in Michigan -- like Missouri, with pop being

west of soda, and the latter being urban in flavor. Maybe in Minnesota or

Wisconsin too.

When I moved from Chicago to Burlington, Wisconsin (75 miles NW of Chicago),

in 1975, I crossed a soda/pop boundary, but I'm not sure which way. I think

it was pop in Chicago and soda in Burlington -- oldtimers disease, you know.

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