Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 10:15:45 +0900


Subject: correction - Japanese sociolinguistics

I botched the address for the Japanese Language Research Center website that I announced on the ADS

list last week. Here is the correct address:

I apologize for the error. Below is included the text of the message last week for those of you

who are interested.

Daniel Long (dlong[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Osaka Shoin Women's College

Japanese Language Research Center


I wanted to let everyone on ADS-L know that we (at the Japanese Language Research Center) are

working on a bibliography of works in English on Japanese sociolinguistics. At this point, we

only have a few hundred entries (and probably a few dozen errors), but we decided to make the

data available as we were working on it.

We have also begun a listing of linguistics meetings, and plan to have a page of links for

websites relating to Japanese linguistics and linguistics in general in the near future.