Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 16:21:57 +0000

From: Mary Bridget Breun mary[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ISR0998.URH.UIUC.EDU

Subject: "to" and "with"

I am researching the usage of the words "to" and "with." The questions I

have regarding this project include:

1) What exactly do you call these words when they are used in comparing

one thing to another? Ex: "I will compare my sweater to her sweater."

Are they prepositions in this case?

2) Which word is appropriate to use in a comparison situation? Should I

have used "I will compare my sweater with her sweater?" How do you

distinguish between "to" and "with" in this case?

3) When using the words "to" and "with" after the verbs talk or speak,

which is appropriate? Ex: I am talking to you; I am talking with you; I

am speaking to you; I am speaking with you.

4) Again, would these words be classified as prepositions in this case?

Thank you for your responses! -Mary B. Breun