Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 00:47:47 -0500

From: Dan Goodman dsgood[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]VISI.COM

Subject: Upstate

The newsgroup alt.culture.ny-upstate is, officially, concerned with

New York State north of Westchester. (The charter was written by a

native of Buffalo.) However, what is "really" upstate gets discussed

there. At one extreme, some claim that you're not really upstate if

you're not within easy walking distance of the Canadian border.

And -- is my memory faulty, or don't some dialect maps show Long

Island as being in the Upstate New York dialect area?

As for the old political division, actually it was a bit more

complicated. New York City voted Democratic, against rural Upstate.

Rural Upstate voted Republican, against the City. The Upstate cities

made various choices of party -- there not being a suitable third


Dan Goodman


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