Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 17:52:30 PST

From: Simonie Hodges sjhodges[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CCGATE.HAC.COM

Subject: Student Q: pop/soda/coke/cola

I am a first year Computational Linguistics graduate student at Georgetown

University, starting my first project/paper, which I have chosen to be about

North American isoglosses for sweet carbonated beverages. In particular, I was

considering following Labov's study on "sandwich" and drawing inferences between

the two, possibly even taking cues from his methods of research.

I have discovered that this is a classic dialectology issue, and was wondering

if I could get suggestions from this list on applicable resources, methods of

study/research and how I could involve the Web and/or general computing in this

topic. I have seen in the archives, discussions on range/stove, icebox/

refrigerator, green beans/string beans, etc., so if someone on the list could

point me to a particular archive on soda/pop, that would be most helpful.

This is only about a 15 page paper, and is due at the end of the semester, so

although I know I could spend much more time on it, I probably need to keep a

narrow scope in mind. If necessary, perhaps I could expand upon it in future


Thanks for any help in advance.

Simonie Hodges



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