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On participial 'slown': If it's not in any 'principal' works on usage, the

books should be burned. How else could it be said? (But since this is me,

you can probably advance the hillbilly hypothesis one (bare)foot farther.

dInIs (who seems to be flaunting this ethnicity a lot lately; cain't nobody

say nothing about us Hungarians?)

_Stoled_ sounds pretty natural to me, whether because I'm a convicted l-

vocalizer or for some other reason, but there's another verb principal

part I heard myself using recently that caught me up short. It's not in

any of the three reference works on usage I have consulted so far. Here

it is:

If you weren't going so fast, you could have slown down.

Sound familiar to y'all or is it just my hillbilly English?

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