Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 09:30:51 -0400

From: e carlson ecarlson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]LON.HOOKUP.NET

Subject: Re: a whole nother


"That's a whole nother problem." was a common saying in our family in

Pittsburgh, PA. It was always used to emphasize that there was a problem,

but in a humorous way. I would not be surprised if a 50's comedian coined

that phrase. Saying "bejeebers" would have gotten me in trouble, but I

don't know why. Edie ecarlson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

This "slown down" discussion reminds me of something I caught myself

saying, which surprised the bejeebers [sp?] out of me:

"That's a whole nother problem."

In writing it looks totally proposterous, but it sounds quite

natural to me. Since noticing it in my own speech, I now hear it

quite frequently (in the San Francisco Bay Area).

Is this common elsewhere? Does anyone know of similar constructions?


Lex Olorenshaw