Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:21:24 -0500


Subject: obnoxious junk mail -Reply

People, take note: Our list is set up in such a way that replies go to the

list, not to the original sender. If you reply with the REPLY option of your

mailer, you are talking to all of us list subscribers, and not to the jerk who

is sending us this $#!+. That is pointless, since it doesn't get to the abuser

and adds more junk to OUR mailboxes. Look through the message and

the headers. Write to the [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]$$#01{ him/her/itself (who will probably just

ignore it anyway), and to the postmasters of the source systems, not to

the list.

Here is the message that I just sent. The moron's email address appears

as mb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], so I sent it to postmaster[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] and to

abuse[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (AOL has this special address for complaints of Net

abuse), with a copy to the boor.

--------- quoted message ---------

This jerk is repeatedly spamming this piece of crud to our list (American

Dialect Society). It is irrelevant and out of place here. Please stuff his

machinery into his throat, from the back end, and then read him the rules

of Netiquette and cancel his account. Thank you.

I am not sure whether my mailer will include the header, so I append it

here. The "comments-to" line lists an AOL address, so I am sending this

note to abuse[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] as well.

------- end of quoted message ------------

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