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Subject: Re: Stoled

Terry is right about the second-order constraint, but what if it doesn't

apply to Grant? Is Grant from the 'right' part of Missouri to be an

l-vocalizer? If so, his 'stoled' would be (nearly) homophonous with

'stowed.' /d/ would not be lost since it is no longer part of a final

cluster. (My Milwaukee wife regularly makes fun of my homophonous 'told'

and 'toad.')

mimbr, ahtoadjuhsew


On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Grant Barrett wrote:

I found myself using the word "stoled" as the past tense of "steal"

and was corrected by a smart friend. Anybody have any ideas on usage?

I don't have any decent reference guides here, but I am fairly certain

this is not a word.

I am from Missouri, and I'm pretty sure that's standard usage among my peers.

Grant Barrett


You say that you use "stoled" as the past tense of "steal," but that this

was corrected by someone.

Question What did this person suggest was the correct usage?

In natural speech the dental preterit marker of past tense is generally

lost after a liquid consonant. [a second order constraint]

But the question remains. WHat did someone tell you that you should say?

Virtually, Terry


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