Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 14:17:18 -0700


Subject: Re: Mahen Hell (was Southern hospitality)

Am I the only person on this list who never heard the expression "mahen

hell" before this exchange? I also didn't find it in my AHD, the only

dictionary I have handy at the moment. Can someone enlighten me about it?

Peter McGraw

Linfield College

McMinnville, OR

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Barnhart wrote:

There was, for your information, a similar opportunity to represent the

American Dialect Society at the installation of the new president of Bank

Street College of Education in New York City. It was my honor to do so. And

"what in the mahen hell" this is doing on the ADS-L is to let people know

that, at least, I had a good time doing it. THAT'S WHAT IN THE MAHEN HELL!