Roosevelt, Franklin D(elano)

Pronunciation: [rohzuhvelt, roozvelt]

Roosevelt, Theodore

Pronunciation: [rohzuhvelt, roozvelt]


I have seen this question posed several times before.

I am a prig for history and particularly for both FDR who had six Scottish

Terriers in his lifetime (The most famous was the "second" FALA : I also

breed Scottish Terriers) and TR who was a Rat Terrier fancier. Rat terriers

are the backbone breeding of Squirrel Dogs and Feist dogs. I am the list

owner of The Earthdog-Squirrel Dog e-mail discussion list and homepage.

Scottish Terriers are earthdogs.

Tonight Historian David McCullough on the PBS "Teddy Roosevelt- American

Experience" broadcast stated that the Roosevelt's have always prefered to

have their name pronounced as RUSE-a-velt not ROSE-a-velt.