Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 10:45:18 -0400

From: David Bergdahl bergdahl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU

Subject: Re: Roosevelt is a ROSE-a-velt is a RUSE-a-velt

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Barry A. Popik wrote:

col. 3, and applies to Theodore Roosevelt:

There seems to be a doubt as to the correct pronunciation of our new

President's name. What is it? STATE STREET

[Several other correspondents ask the same question. We wrote the

President, and his private secretary replied that the name is pronounced as

if spelled Rosyvelt. A resident of Washington, who is intimate with those

immediately about the President, writes that the name is pronounced as if

spelled Ro-zuh-v'lt--the accent strongly on the first syllable, with long o

as in rose; the second syllable very short, the third much contracted.]

This interests me because in my suburban LI community in the 1940s the

pronuciation given here was used for FDR and the RUSE-a-velt pronunciation

for TR. Are both presidents' names then pronounced the same or

differently? Inquiring minds. . . &c.

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