Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 19:38:38 EDT

From: "Timothy M. Ennis" 72120.2224[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]COMPUSERVE.COM

Subject: Name This Decade!

Put my entry in for "THE 'SO WHAT!' DECADE". This was the phrase reiterated

by Sen Dodd of CT and the other Clinton apologists. The American people now

think that Bill and Hillary are cheats and liars but plan to vote for them

anyway. Meanwhile OJ is plainly guilty of murdering two people in cold blood,

but since Fuhrman used the N-word, he gets off while the cop is convicted.

I'll wager that neither Cochran, Bailey, Shapiro or the jurors could

swear they never used the N-word in 10 years. The idiot jurist Itoh

escapes impeachment for allowing such an irrelevancy into the trial.

My second choice is the "through the Looking Glass Decade", since every

previous standard of judgement has been overthrown and perverted. See the

recent stories of first graders being suspended from school for sexual

harassment, while highschoolers carrying guns are reinstated by the NY State

Appeals court due to their rights against illegal search being infringed.