Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 12:18:24 EDT

From: Orin Hargraves 100422.2566[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]COMPUSERVE.COM

Subject: trade-like and trade-last

Many years ago my stepmother said she had a "trade-like" for me. I'd never heard

of this, and she explained that it was a compliment someone had paid me, which

she offered to repeat if I would tell her something complimentary I'd heard

about her. To me this sounded like a bizarre, manipulative ritual that could

only have developed in her family.

I was surprised then when I found in MW10 the other day the following:

trade-last: a complimentary remark by a third person that a hearer offers to

repeat to the person complimented if he or she will first report a compliment

made about the hearer.

Are either of these terms in anyone's active vocabulary? Does anyone actually do

this? Where do these terms come from? Any info appreciated.

Orin Hargraves

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