Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 11:57:42 -0400

From: "Winfield, Laurie" lwinfield[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]HUNTON.COM

Subject: Katie and A.K.Davis papers

For those looking for the old ballads that could shed light on Katie and her

door, A.K. Davis might point the way with the wax recordings he collected in

the field and other achives. The information below was tracked down by

Kitty Williams of WebPointers, not a member of this list but one who finds

Katie's story fascinating.



From: Kitty Williams

To: Winfield, Laurie

Cc: Lind, Robin

Subject: Location of A.K.D.'s papers

Date: Tuesday, October 01, 1996 9:12AM

I decided to look a little further, and I found it:

A. K. Davis Papers, Accession #9829, (in Manuscripts Division):

Arthur Kyle Davis(1897-1972) was a former UV English professor and

archivist for the Virginia Folklore

Society. The Davis papers include the ballads collected by the

Folklore Society, typescripts of Davis'

books about folk music, various folklore files, correspondence about

collecting, and recordings of

Virginians singing the ballads handed down to them (the A. K. Davis

collection of field-recorded Virginia

music is housed in the Kevin Barry Perdue Archive of Traditional


Finding Aid: A reference guide is available (location: control


The Kevin Barry Perdue Archive of Traditional Culture, Accession #10493,

(housed and maintained ln Brooks

Hall, room 303):

A collection of textual, audio, and visual materials related

primarily to the folk culture of Virginia. Includes

300 33-1/3 rpm records Anglo-American and African-American music

(early "country" and "race" music),

the A. K. Davis collection of field-recorded Virginia music, and 65

original field-recorded tapes of African

American secular and church music recorded in Rappahannock-Culpeper

County, Virginia, 1966-1972.